New York Skyline ©Tom Uytterhoeven

Across The Pond: NYC! (Arrival + Day 1)

I think I speak for many among us (Europeans), that the United States of America is a country that appeals to our imagination and especially when we hear about The Big Apple. After 21 years, the day was finally here. I was going across the pond for the very first time, actually it was even the first time I went to another continent (Turkey, Asian side doesn’t count). This will be part one in a series of… a few about my trip on the US East Coast. “Next stop: NYC!” Read more


Road to: Island Hopping in Thailand

Always wanted to explore the world? That’s exactly what an acquaintance of mine did with a couple of his friends! Some of you know that apart from cars, photography and food I also like to travel. This summer I went on a trip to the US East Coast for 10 days. I’ll be posting a travel blog post very soon, with some pictures. Keep yourself posted! Anyhow, back to Thailand. Read more